I am looking for a good story; in fact many…ones of inspiration where the hero is female; old and young, large and small, rich and poor, educated or not, from all walks of life. Tales of woe, support and sacrifice. Stories of humor and heartache where we can all learn through example. Reflections that can be shared and applied. Everyone has something to contribute and I want to look beyond the ordinary; what drives us, who inspires us and who are we possibly motivating and if not, why not.

My goal is to interview women who have or plan on making a difference. I want to be able to introduce leaders among us we might not have realized or recognized. Honestly, it is a crying shame how modest most women are especially among older generations when a woman’s role was more clearly defined. There is much to celebrate. My personal philosophy is that each and every one of us should “lift as we climb.” So often the exact opposite happens. We get competitive of one another. Why do we do that to ourselves? Life is short and we should be celebrating each other’s accomplishments.

Let us set forth…